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Adira Dawn Riben

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Adira Riben Jenner (born 1979, Old Bridge, New Jersey) makes drawings and paintings to evoke joy and appreciation of the resiliency of the human spirit, and a sense of shared humanity.   Frogs leap across the page, farm animals seem to flirt with the viewer, and flowers "“ scaled up many times "“ blossom in rich colors.   Often drawing and painting directly onto discarded items, the piece becomes a message of transformation on a tangible level.  Her work is informed in equal parts by her education in the natural sciences, a lifelong love of art, and her personal experiences living with chronic illness.  

Adira has taught workshops including creative arts journaling, and taught individuals of various ages and skill levels.                                                      

Her art has been used for publications of New York City Audubon, and exhibited in group shows at the Newark Arts Alliance, the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts  and as part of the 2017   [N]art Show in Seattle, WA.  


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Workshops, Public Art, Exhibits, Commissioned Work
Special Needs, Older Adult, Kindergarten to 5th Grade, Adult, 9th to 12th Grade
Regional Availability
Northern Delaware
Newark DE 19713


A Boy and His Cow
The Adventure
Hepatica - Wildflower
Blue Eye