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Adriana Brady

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Agi Brady is a self-taught acrylic painting artist located in Wilmington, Delaware. 

After earning her bachelors in Education, Agi briefly taught middle level ELA but decided to pursue her love of art. Through persistence and hard work, Agi started ArtbyAgi LLC in 2021, which she continues to dedicate herself to everyday. 

Agi specializes in custom/ commission work, but also creates many of her own original artworks in between orders. 

She is always looking for ways to get involved in the community and loves to support other artists and local businesses. 

When Agi isn’t in the studio, she spends time with her loving fiancé and son. 

Artist Information

Poetry, Painting, Mixed Media, Drawing, Crafts
Workshops, Teaching Artist, Commissioned Work
Festivals, Community Sites
Regional Availability
Northern Delaware
Wilmington DE 19805


Mama Mitzi
Quiet before the Storm
Custom portrait
Custom portrait
Custom portrait
Custom Coach crab painting