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Alan B Tuttle

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Alan Tuttle is an accomplished oil painter known for his evocative creations. He prefers to let his art speak for itself, using his canvas as a medium to convey emotions and stories without relying on verbose explanations. Tuttle's skillful use of oil paints brings to life a range of emotions and narratives, allowing viewers to interpret his work in their own unique ways. His minimalist approach to words highlights his belief in the power of visual communication, inviting others to explore the depth and meaning within his pieces independently.

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Photography, Paper, Painting
Exhibits, Commissioned Work
Regional Availability
Southern Delaware, Northern Delaware, Central Delaware
Lewes DE 19958


Sunrise in the Chapel
Split Rock Falls
Andy’s Mistress
The Lauren H
Hiding in the Light
Aftermath: Ukraine
Crying over Spilled Milk
The Steward