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Angel King is the sort of artist that leads  folks to  feelings and  the possibilities that art can bring into your life. It's the responsibility of any good art teacher to encourage and motivate students to awaken their inner artist. She has been an educator for over ten years, always including ways to bring her students closer to their own personal  ability to create. As an alumna of Delaware State University having received her degree in Psychology, she values the importance of education.

King takes pride in being an art  student of life, becoming a self-educated artist. She combines three of the things she loves the most to create an unbelievable opportunity for  her students of all ages. King has managed to blend “Art, Hope and Community" together in her classes. The last few years of a pandemic have taken a toll on  wellness. This was a time for individuals  to reflect and reason with the highest parts of their innerselves. During that reflection, King knew  it was time for her to prepare to offer art classes for participants to experience the mental rejuvenation of spending time creating timeless art that awakens the spirit.

Creating art will also allow you to build meaningful relationships with other people throughout your community. King explains, "In the timeline of life once we are adults we reach a point where we have to combat ageism more than ever.  We now get to redefine what age and phase we want to be in and art is a direct portal to that path. Who needs a fountain of youth when we have the power of art and aging with art is a celebration at any age!"

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Painting, Crafts
Workshops, Teaching Artist, Social Functions, School Residencies, Readings, Public Art, Performances, Master Classes, Lectures / Public Speaking, Exhibits, Creative Aging Classes, Commissioned Work
Special Needs, Older Adult, Kindergarten to 5th Grade, Adult, 9th to 12th Grade, 6th to 8th Grade
Regional Availability
Southern Delaware
Delmar DE 19940


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