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Dave Chambers is completely focused on developing as an abstract expressionist painter and creating an extensive oeuvre of dynamic, energetic pieces. As he  completes a painting, he  aspires  to not to paint his  subject but the effect it produces. His  paintings exist somewhere in between the imaginary and the real, in a space where the visible meets the invisible.  

Dave is inspired by the New York School of abstract expressionists of the 1940's-1950's and he  admires  their diverse techniques of color, form and vibrant energy. Like these artists, he  favors the simple expression of the complex thought. His  subject matter is often abstract fields of moving color rendered in an energetic, emotional style - this arbitrariness of representation serves as an expressive element in his  paintings.

Dave's work is characterized by intense subjectivity, heavy impasto & rough handling of materials. He tries  to deconstruct traditional painting and create a solid foundation upon which he  can create his  own personal style and speak to his  audience in a new visual language. He  believes  a work of art does not need to narrate or illustrate to be an effective means of expression.

Dave usually works in a spontaneous improvisatory manner often using brushes and palette knives to make sweeping gestural marks directly placing his  inner impulses onto the canvas. His  intention is to use color  to produce a contemplative or meditational response in the viewer. The authenticity or value of his  work lay in its directness and immediacy of expression.  

Throughout 2022, Dave  has  produced a series of abstract paintings entitled "Summer Accents". The subject of this series is the sun, heat, water, sand, fun, wonder, color, motion, and splendor of summer - a time of endless possibilities, a celebration of life. Summer is the time when we all appreciate, and indulge ourselves in, the creations given to us through the magic of nature. His  wish is for the viewer to appreciate these paintings as they indulge themselves within the magic of their creation.

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Dave Chambers