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Texture, color and the patina of old buildings stimulate mysenses and lead me to create environmental tapestries and dreamlike scenes to envelope the viewer in the image.

I have been interested in motion and the passage of time for my entire artistic career, including when I was painting. Lately, I have been experimenting with “painting" with light across the sensor of the camera using a slow shutter speed and moving the camera.

So the camera is my brush and light the paint." Now if I could just figure out the third dimension, so I can have a bit of depth to that paint." The images I am capturing are quite impressionistic.

And they are sometimes quite evocative and colorful. What I capture is not quite what the eye sees, but then photography has never claimed to be an exact re-presentation of reality. Photography is, at its very best, a representation of what the artist sees; feels and wants to communicate to the viewer. What I love about working in this manner is the ability to represent the passage of time and getting the viewer to see and sense what I feel.

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Public Art, Exhibits, Commissioned Work
Adult, 9th to 12th Grade
Regional Availability
Northern Delaware
638 Candlestick Lane
1 302 547 1401


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