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Living and working in Delaware, I create abstract images using a variety of mediums including acrylic and oil paints, pastels, charcoal, inks, collage and assemblage. My images explore the surrounding world and the juxtapositions of man and nature. Through my art, I attempt to examine the relationship that humanity has with the environments they live in. 

As an environmentalist, I have always wanted my work to convey a sense of environmental activism. Many of my images deal with environmental issues that are either overt or hidden. Past issues that have been explored in my work have included such topics as groundwater contamination, sea level rise and even litter polluting our most scenic and natural areas.

My recent works are reflections on the current state of environmentalism and the impacts of environmental skepticism. In society’s current state of affairs, it seems protection of our environment has become subservient to exploitation and economic profit. I feel strongly that humanity must return to a more proactive approach to mitigating the effects of overpopulation, energy production and unchecked consumerism.

Ultimately, I want my work to engage people and encourage them to contemplate humanity’s environmental impact. “The world is changing, is it our fault, can we stop it, do we want to stop it, do we even have the choice?” - GW Thompson

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The Forest Under the Trees