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Gina Bosworth

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Gina Bosworth is a  co-founder of the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts which began  in Wilmington, DE   in 1979.   After working with its development, she began a corporate fine art business in 1986, Axis Fine Arts, serving clients in the mid-Atlantic region.

After a 1980 workshop from Diane Itter, noted fiber artist who used the technique of knotting,  Gina devoted her efforts toward learning and refining this knotting process by studying with Ed Bing Lee and Jane Sauer.   Meanwhile, her sketchbooks that documented her fiber work evolved into art objects that refocused  her intererest toward surface design on paper using many techniques. She continues to combine paper and fiber/fabric using collage, printing, embroidery, and knotting.

Currently, she integrates fibers with papers to create mixed media explorations of pattern, geometry, and harmony that exist in nature. She has exhibited widely, both in galleries and juried/invited exhibitions, and her work is in collections around the country.

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Painting, Crafts
Workshops, Exhibits
Special Needs, Adult, 9th to 12th Grade, 6th to 8th Grade
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Northern Delaware
2211 North Grant Avenue
Wilmington DE 19806