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Jeremy Hebbel is an artist and entrepreneur born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. Art was always a passion, going all the way back to 4th grade in Wilmington Montessori School when his teacher Helen informed his parents “well we know that Jeremy can draw a shark”! Jeremy was frequently disciplined by teachers at Concord High School for distracting his fellow students with sketches and drawings made during class time. Deciding during the first weeks of his senior year at Concord, that he wanted to go to an Art College, Jeremy applied and was accepted to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Taking the very convenient option to complete his first two years of Pratt at sister college Delaware College of Art and Design, Jeremy graduated from DCAD as an Illustration Major in 2003. Due to an increasing interest in pursuing music as a career, and the combined costs of continuing his education and the costs of living in Brooklyn, Jeremy opted not to transfer to Pratt and continue his education. 

For almost a decade drawings became something only done during holidays as gifts for family and friends. During this time Jeremy played in various bands and pursued songwriting for a stretch before co-founding and co-owning Gable Music Ventures with friend Gayle Dillman. When COVID shut down most of the business operations Jeremy saw an opportunity to lean on his art talents again and founded Hebbel Portraits, originally Hebbel Pet Portraits in September of 2020. Jeremy took a full-time job at the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce in 2022. In 2023 Jeremy made the decision to leave the chamber to become the primary care giver to his daughter Jasper. Jeremy lives in Wilmington with his wife Noelle Picara, and while he isn’t on baby duty, he creates portraits for a growing base of clientele. Jeremy is proud to be one of the national artists creating portraits for the INTO LIGHT Project. His work is included in the INTO LIGHT Project exhibits showing at the Delaware Art Museum, as well as in exhibits in Florida, Colorado, and is currently working on exhibits in Alabama and Massachusetts.


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