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JuneRose Futcher    was raised  in an active sailing lifestyle on the Delaware Bay and   is a member of a family with professional mariners dating back many generations, As a young girl she was not only encouraged and trained to be a sailor, she was encouraged to make artwork about sailboats and seascapes. Her eyes and mind were always trained on the waterways and how she may  express those elements came naturally.

With an abiding love for sailing and a mastery of the sport that has endured all her life, an opportunity to study communications and photography was presented to Futcher as an adult student. With years of dreaming to study photography (and writing and  producing books)  while overcoming an extreme personal obstacle, education in visual arts theory, film and digital photography was a welcome challenge and created a  new sense of  purpose.

She enrolled and completed the program earning a hard-won  degree in Communications  and upon completion of the second  photography course in her final semester, she earned an honorable mention in the student show for a maritime seascape of the University of Delaware  bay harbor.  While earning notice, praise (and in advanced study)  and supporting charities as an art sponsor, the Delaware Division of the Arts  opportunity grant in a maritime essay  was an incredible feat that entirely funded her inaugural exhibit and lead to steady years of motivation and unshakeable confidence.

Many publications have accepted her work as a compensated professional, she has won many community awards and continues to serve as an art donor for charity. Two notable achievements were comprehensive essays for the State of Delaware's  environmental quarterly, Outdoor Delaware. In building her portfolio and tending to originality and sensibilities of connection, her family legacy in law enforcement has also grown in import and meaning in her body of work. Her photographs are known for dynamic constrasts in the study of action in sailing and shipping while making   use of the   natural environment and weather events. In the ceremonial presentation of law enforcement,  her study in the moment of    salute or tribute  is also gaining notice among her peers.

An additional gift and ability in  presentation and writing has supported an expansion of opportunity to provide community instruction. She was recently invited to lecture in state arts education and had her first opportunity to teach basic photography skills to at-risk youth in Wilmington. At the end of 2019 Futcher was offered  the privilege to work with young people,  combining basic concepts in photo-journalism art curriculum, and ceremonial law enforcement and community programs .A recent fine art exhibit was an additional highlight in 2019. Futcher was a selected artist for a maritime exhibit in New Jersey  at the Camden Fireworks in a  tribute to the state's own maritime history and commercial shipping.  With her gift for writing and journalism in higher education, she produces original press materials of announcements,  special achievements and awards. While she is always building and filling her portfolio with maritime seascapes and law enforcement  moments, Futcher is pursuing the    growing opportunity as a teaching artist. She  finds the gift of working with children a true community service. She has discovered an  honest  experience at the  moment of expression from the heart of a young artist,    not unlike her very own moment as a young artist many years ago.

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Photography, Crafts
Workshops, Teaching Artist, Social Functions, School Residencies, Public Art, Lectures / Public Speaking, Exhibits, Commissioned Work
Special Needs, 9th to 12th Grade, 6th to 8th Grade
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Southern Delaware
Lewes DE 19958


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