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Kenneth Ramirez

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Ken Ramirez is a native New Yorker and self-taught digital artist. He uses software and graphics to create pictures of subjects that inspire him including culture, history, humanity, and nature. People who make a difference in the world particularly interest him as do those who can use a hand.

Ken worked for many years, none of them as an artist. He did a myriad of odd jobs throughout high school and college, taught English, then worked in the computer field as a coder, multimedia developer, and technical trainer.

He loved art from the moment he could remember but spent more time pursuing other interests such as music and sports. Last year, he started dabbling with digital art which sparked an enormous passion. He divides his time between Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and Washington DC.

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Multimedia, Mixed Media, Illustration, Experimental/New, Drawing, Design Arts, Animation
Master Classes, Exhibits, Commissioned Work
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Southern Delaware, Northern Delaware, Central Delaware
Rehoboth Beach DE 19971


Modern Woman
Aladdin Sane
La Maison Rose
Rothko Looks at the Sun
Desert Sunset
Houses of Parliament
Jimmy Cliff
Washington Square
Deborah Harry