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Maya Belardo, 24, known as “The Princess of Jazz” in her hometown of Wilmington, DE is passionate about jazz and being a positive example of young womanhood to all princesses. She fell in love with jazz around the age of 12 when she heard a recording of Nat King Cole singing, “Nature Boy.” She’s been inspired by many jazz legends who have paved the way for her to sing this music today. In her debut single “Free”, she sings, “I can hear them all cheer for me, I’m so Free.” She is referencing all the legendary jazz greats and her own ancestors who loved this art form. Maya has sung at amazing jazz venues on the East coast such as SOUTH Jazz Parlor, the Kimmel Center, The Queen, The Grand Opera House, etc.  She performed at the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival in her hometown at the age of 17 and received the Young and Swinging Jazz Award from the city of Wilmington in 2021.  Maya recently traveled to Michigan to perform a live performance and radio recording at the “Red Jacket Jamboree Show”.  She recently curated 3 recent live shows at the Downtown Wilmington Public Library where she was able to select some of her favorite artist of various genres of music to perform. As a music lover and supporter of the arts, she was proud to provide the opportunity as well as adequate compensation to those artists.  Maya has the support of her community and many current jazz artists helping her to reach her goal of sharing jazz amongst her peers and for generations to come.  

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Maya Belardo
Maya Belardo
Maya Belardo