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From the Artist: "Art is a main staple and sounding board throughout my life, like a best friend lending support and encouragement, triggering a good laugh, and sharing reminiscing times of remembrance. I am dedicated to life-long learning and will often explore new forms to express my creative talents, though digital photography is the backbone of my art. In May 2010, art emerged as a life-saving, grounding force as I entered a detox and rehab treatment program. The union between my artwork and recovery is very empowering. I truly am an artist at heart, and as I align my being closer to my heart and spirituality, my art follows suit becoming more focused and refined. Nature is an essential source of inspiration as it is in a constant state of change and  a continual source of new material. I see beauty in cycles of change, death and decay, as well as in destroyed, distressing, weathered, and broken subjects that in turn are reborn, reused, recycled, and reimagined. Working within these themes, I compose images and develop  subjects in unique and interesting ways that go beyond the surface value of an image."

Just one year after launching his art business in 2012, Nate Metz presented his first gallery exhibition, Summer Streets,  a collection of 25 photographs at the Newark Arts Alliance'sTerry Foreman Gallery. Metz hosted an opening reception and gallery talk where he shared some of the details and implications of his reflections on street life during the hot and busy months of summer. Read more info about the exhibit  here.

During the same time period,  Metz hung three pieces in the Lewes Public Library as part of the Delmarva on View exhibit that benefits the Friends of the Lewes Public Library. All three photographs, elegantly framed in a dark mahogany frame and white mat, showcase Metz’s studies in translucent light. The leaves and petals all leap from the prints with an illuminating quality.

Taking pictures for over ten years,  Metz curated a collection of images in book format to share with his fans and to diversify the market for his work. Entitled AWAKE, the book  contains 85 full color photographs. For the accompanying text he spent considerable time reflecting on his personal journey, perusing his journal and extracting 69 inspirational, insightful messages to pair with the photographs. They are intimate thoughts, observations, and reflections on humanity, planet Earth, and spirituality. AWAKE is divided into  three sections: TRUTH, SECRET, and LIFE. TRUTH is a set of observations to help us live more honestly and with greater awareness. SECRET contains ideas that help to unlock the mysteries of life and make sense of our world. And LIFE is about the marvelous lives we live. Each section also has a short essay to frame the photos and messages. His book is available at

In January 2012,  Metz presented a workshop at the Rehoboth Roundup to 35 participants. He shared his recent collage work related to his personal recovery and work in a 12-step program. Inspiring other people to explore their inner soulscapes and psyche with art and helping them to gain insight into their lives during the workshop was the push Nate needed to devote even more time and energy to his art. Seeing tears in a few of the participants’ eyes validated his ability to impact other people through his artwork.

Art Biz Liftoff, a workshop with Alyson B. Stanfield and Debby L. Williams at the Rehoboth Art League, provided the practical framework for his business to launch. He is busy in the early development stages of building a web presence and cataloging works for galleries and exhibitions.

Born in northwestern Pennsylvania,  Metz has moved and traveled often to New York City, Paris, Europe, the Caribbean, China, and Canada. He currently resides near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. He graduated cum laude in 2005 from the University of Delaware with an Honors B.S. degree in Apparel Design. Nate is a member of the Rehoboth Art League and the Newark Arts Alliance.

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Photography, Painting, Design Arts
Workshops, Lectures / Public Speaking, Exhibits, Commissioned Work
Adult, 9th to 12th Grade
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Southern Delaware
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