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Sa-Kreea was born and raised in Newark, Delaware. She pursued her education at Delaware College of Art and Design, achieving an Associate's degree in Illustration in 2016, and later obtained a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising from LIM College in 2019. Her artistic endeavors encompass a diverse range of original creations, including unique artworks, clothing pieces, and jewelry.

Employing the techniques of abstract expressionism, vibrant color palettes, and uplifting messages, Sa-Kreea's artistic mission revolves around illuminating the world and infusing positivity into the everyday. In the year 2021, she introduced "New Kreeation," a lifestyle brand dedicated to offering distinctive and wearable one-of-a-kind art that exudes boldness and motivation.

In earlier times, during 2017, Sa-Kreea's artistic style served as a form of therapeutic release throughout her college years in New York City. It also provided her a means to reinvent her clothing to reflect her individual fashion sensibilities while adapting to city life. After residing in NYC for six years, she returned to her hometown of Newark, DE, in 2020. However, this homecoming was accompanied by a period of depression lasting half a year, compounded by the storage of her prior artistic works.

This challenging life phase compelled Sa-Kreea not only to combat her depressive state but also to evolve her artistic expression over time. She developed an intimate connection with each stroke of paint, whether on canvas or clothing. The resurgence of her creative process in 2021 was driven by a desire to find inner peace. Having overcome depression and confronted childhood traumas, her art now encapsulates the voyage of self-love, self-discovery, and forgiveness.

Transitioning from two-dimensional to three-dimensional forms, Sa-Kreea's creations encourage viewers to perceive the vibrancy within the colors and motivational narratives intricately woven into each piece. Her goal is to inspire individuals to embrace their true selves, cultivate a sense of liberation, and make amends with their past, regardless of life's challenges.

As an artist, Sa-Kreea believes that the potency of painting extends beyond canvas; it speaks through what we adorn. Whether it's through clothing accessories or canvas artworks, she asserts that our choices in attire and art reflect our identities and life experiences. Every stroke of her brush holds an emotional connection to the ebbs and flows of life, guiding her journey and the tangible pieces she crafts for display or wear.

Sa-Kreea's work beckons anyone who engages with it to grasp onto hope and embrace freedom.

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