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| Artist Statement |

Timothy M. Gregory, born in 1971 in Baltimore, MD, currently resides in York, PA, where he pursues his career as a contemporary painter and musician. Specializing in watercolor, Timothy creates unique artworks blending abstract and realist styles to depict the natural and surreal elements of existence. His unconventional approach to watercolor allows him to convey the conscious and subconscious internal dialogues that he experiences.

| Bio |

Art and music have always been a part of my life. I began playing drums at 9, started my first band at 14, and I still play drums in a band today. Over the years, I taught myself how to play other instruments such as guitar, wrote songs, worked as a studio recording engineer, and I even was an audio engineer and producer for several podcasts.

My musical creativity has always gone hand in hand with my artistic creativity. Over the years, I experimented with pointillism, pyrography, sculpture, screen printing, furniture making, etc. Art and music became the perfect pairing because each one fueled the other.

Years ago, I invested in a modest set of watercolor supplies. I found it to be the most immensely frustrating and unpredictable medium; and yet, I was compelled to figure out how to make something that I could call good art. I actually liked the fact that it was unpredictable, and that nature played a significant role in its creation – gravity, water, air, temperature, time, etc. Painting would eventually become a partnership between me and nature.

It was during a very tragic year for me and my family when I became intensely consumed with painting. It turned out to be meditative, stress-reducing, and a calming force in my life. Once I set my mind free, I could begin painting away some of the harsh realities of life. Subject matter and style were and are secondary to painting. The experience of painting is what I seek.

As someone who gets bored easily, I typically vary my subjects and style. The spontaneity and immediacy of watercolor allows me to quickly produce a finished product of whatever is currently inspiring me. I consciously choose not to spend weeks or months on a piece to avoid overworking it. As for applying a label to my “style”, it floats in and out of the realm of abstract-realism. In the same way that I choose not to listen to the same style of music every day, I choose not to paint in the same style every day. Each painting is its own moment in time.


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float on
run like hell
the offering
Timothy M Gregory | Watercolor Artist