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Will L Hahn

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Will  Hahn serves as Chronicler for the Tales of the Lands of Hope, an epic fantasy setting with a lifetime of adventure in it. You can start to experience the Lands alongside an ignorant narrator (of sorts) in Judgement’s Tale, or embark on a separate adventure years later and leagues away with the Shards of Light series, beginning with The Ring and the Flag.

Will has recently turned his hand, or mouth, to narrating his own tales and gives DIY advice about audiobooks, world-building, Classics You’ve Never Read and other writerly topics on his website. Check out the two-minute video describing his life!

Will lives and works from his home in Delaware, together with a wife more lovely than he can describe, a daughter more miraculous than she knows, and cats more numerous than you would readily believe.

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Readings, Master Classes, Lectures / Public Speaking
Older Adult, Adult, 9th to 12th Grade
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Northern Delaware
17 Kris Court
Newark DE 19702


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