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    Monday, June 19, 2023 · 15 days left

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    The Creative Career Support Program (CCSP) has been offered by the Developing Artist Collaboration for a while now and over the years we've been evolving it to continue to meet the needs of our Artists. We've seen dozens of Artists completely transform their creative careers through this program and to make it even more accessible -- we've made it available online!

    CCSP aims to make running your creative business more efficient. In this new online format, you'll be able to jump start things with access to lessons, worksheets, and more  -- on your own time and at your convenience. By enrolling in this program you will be taken through workshops on branding, pricing, inventory, sales and content creation specifically designed for working artists, by our experienced staff of working artists!

    On our site, we also include information on the Artist Opportunity Forum on how to apply for DDOA's Artist Opportunity Grant which if received can fun up to 80% of your enrollment in CCSP.  This is a great opportunity to further your creative careers and connect with other creatives in your area. Head to our Artist Hub for more information (!

    March 19, 2023

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