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Statewide Camera Drive for Arts Education and Applied Photographic Arts

House of Coffi · Dover · DE


Fellowships, Other, Youth

Sunday, December 31, 2023 · 21 days left


Teaching Artist, JuneRose "JR" Futcher, from Sussex County announces state wide camera drive for arts education and applied photographic arts. All types and brands of digital single shoot and single lense reflex cameras and accessories are needed to provide a true photographic lesson for the young artist. While digital cameras are being replaced by the cellular phone camera, many cameras will be applied for the photographic study. The viewfinder camera will be useful and important in the complete lesson of observation and capture with the camera.

The camera's value in visual arts education can not be overstated and produces an accurate visual study for young artists, Futcher said. Futcher who created her first program in 2018 with Christina Cultural Arts Center (CCAC) aims to continue and expand photographic arts programs as a credentialed teaching artist with Delaware Institute for Arts in Education. Futcher who is a Delaware native, is a four time Delaware Division of the Arts (National Endowment for the Arts) individual artist grant recipient, a studied showcase photographer, working artist and arts activist.

The evolution of the photographic arts program has been creative, visionary and inspirational for young artists. Two programs motivated many young artists to create original photographs in Kent and New Castle Counties. A third program being planned in 2020 with New Castle County PD and a Wilmington charter school was expectedly cancelled in the global pandemic emergency.

Photographic arts education suffered greatly (and nearly permanently derailed Futcher's mission in arts education) from catastrophic interruptions. Futcher aims to revitalize the photographic arts program,while expanding programs in collaboration with community law enforcement in public schools and community centers. Studio portraiture will also be added and developed in arts education curriculum.

In 2018 when Futcher collaborated with CCAC and envisioned an original concept of youth and law enforcement in a community environment, leaders in law enforcement could not have been more supportive and enthusiastic. The initiative to confront youth violence and address at risk-youth led the leadership of New Castle County PD to respond the photographics arts concept. The field day at the Carousel Park Equestrian Center yielded a creative process recorded in a camera frame while nurtured by warmth and friendship with law enforcement and young people. The young artists created their personal "story board" collage of photographs with their signature as the artist.

Futcher later in 2019 colloborated with Campus Community School and art teacher, Jen Boland. Incorporating visits with members of the law enforcement community in Kent County, candid and portrait photographs were central to the lesson plan and culminated with an exhibit at nearby Biggs Museum of American Art and House of Coffi. Boland, who supported the program meeting arts education curriculum with Futcher in her studio classroom said, "Photography students build their observational skills throughout their development and education. Photographic arts not only conveys an experience and feeling, but also is therapeutic and grows confidence."

With the impacts of the pandemic crisis, and complete school closures for more than a year, Futcher made use of her time to achieve credentials and pursue professional development with Delaware Institute for Arts in Education. She is a registered teaching artist specializing in photographic arts, presentation and exhibition. Futcher said "With arts worldwide in complete closure and disruption in the pandemic response, I am eager to produce artist residencies and apply my professional skills and achievements to inspire young artists." In telling a visual story in one photograph or many, young artists will grow in their observations and personal expressions, she added.

Futcher is asking for community support to locate and donate any brand of camera. All accessories are encouraged to be included, for example; SD -Cards, USB cables and rechargeable batteries. Single Lense Reflex digital cameras will also be accepted. We are also asking for frames of 8x10 or larger with mattes, glass and accessories. We also aim to provide a complete studio experience where the young artists signs and assembles their favorite photographs.

Arrangements may be made by calling 302-645-8829 or for collection venues. Sussex County appointments may be made for personal delivery and collection at House of Coffi in Dover.

September 22, 2023

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