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    Delaware Theatre Company · Wilmington · DE · Northern Delaware

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    Part Time

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    December 31, 2021

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    Delaware Theatre Company is always on the lookout for new volunteers to usher during performances, as well as to help with various tasks in marketing, production, education, and more.


    Assist our patron experience associates by ushering! Our ushers are the backbone of the Delaware Theatre Company experience, welcoming our patrons with smiles and guidance. Ushers help us with: 


    Take a step on the administrative side of the theatre! Our Marketing Department has several projects throughout the season that could us help! It’s the perfect opportunity if you have free weekdays, or if you would prefer to work on projects that allow you to sit rather than stand. Help us with: 

    Scenery & Props

    Would you like to step behind the curtain and see a whole new side of DTC? Our production team will be offering new opportunities throughout the season that will allow you to help work on our productions, get a behind the scenes look at how we work our theatrical magic, and even meet our production and creative teams!

    Costume Committee 

    Join us backstage, and engage with the arts in a hands-on experience with the costume department. You'll get to participate in activities including: 


    In the final days leading up to the opening of every production, our cast and crew work long (10-15 hour) days to put the final pieces of the show together. These technical rehearsals are an exciting but tiring time where the actors get onstage with all the other technical aspects of the show for the first time. Our artists often forego well-balanced, cooked meals in favor of quicker options. 

    Welcome Baskets  

    A good number of our designers and actors come from out of town, and we’d love to provide them with a little “Welcome to Wilmington” package to give them a on the first day of rehearsal!

    September 21, 2020

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